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The DOing and BEing of Parenting


Parents rediscovering themselves:

We have a child with learning issues so parenting is parenting on steroids. Until I started working with you, I was going about my days, doing the same things in the same way, expecting different results. For one, I had forgotten, or not emphasized, the team aspect of parenting. My husband and I are smarter as a team. To see the effect of parental teamwork spread across my family has been magical for both the kids and us! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Marjorie, January 2013

Mother of a daughter transitioning into college:

Your words of wisdom were so helpful in setting our family meeting. I really needed to see my daughter as being a young adult contributor instead of a child. She is totally capable if I just let her have the room to be that way”.

Connie, Summer 2012

The best gift I ever gave myself was coaching with Becky Scott. The doors that were opened to loose the guilt I was experiencing, raise my self esteem and empower me to bring the best of myself to my patenting work was realized through the coaching work we did together.

Ellen, December 2012

Parent Raising a middle school age daughter with Learning Issues:

I look forward to every session. The door unfailingly gets opened to such learning and new awareness’s that I am able to apply to my everyday life! I so value what you do for me in these sessions.

Laurie, Summer2012

Mother who shared concerns about grandchild’s learning issues:

You gave me the clarity and confidence to talk to my son about my concerns. I usually am so emotional. I learned through our work that having a plan for a difficult conversation let it be about the issues instead of about my emotion surrounding the issues. I feel so much better about this whole next step!

Sarah, Summer 2012

Elated Parent!

Your support is soooooooooo terrific, Becky! Your enthusiasm and encouragement is giving me such a nice lift.....I feel as if I'm off the ground and headed up in to lofty blue skies.

Woman setting up her business, Summer 2012

Working on Goals with Parents:

Setting goals with my kids will be so different after you help! "Thank you" again for hosting one of the most intuitive lunches I have ever attended. I left thinking about soooo much I had a hard time concentrating on driving! 

Goals Workshop, Spring 2012

I used to say to my self all the time, “Oh my gosh, what are we going to do?” It was so stressful living that way. Now I just want him to be the best that he can be. I’ve dropped the judgment and fear of the future. I can now love him for what he is right now and know that everything is going to work out the way it is supposed to. I’m at peace with that knowing.

Suzanne, Fall 2012

You provide a source of encouragement that I do in fact have the ability to tap into what I have learned here and apply it in everyday life. Thank You!

Cassandra, Fall 2012

Thank you so much for the heartfelt coaching that you and I did together. It was transformational for my relationship with my son. He seems to be relating to me differently and the same from me to him. I am so pleased to know you are a resource.

Resi, Winter 2011

Individual Work

Coaching with Becky helped me define a path to pursue what I wanted. Her support helped me make significant progress along that path. Being held accountable to my dream, and to the passion I had for my dream had incredible value for me.


I feel so on top of my life! Running behind the action, trying to keep up, is the way I have operated most of my life. You have helped me find my way to be one step ahead. The result? It leaves extra time for the creative in me to step in!


You have been an amazing force for helping me find the right changes to make in my life. I have made and am looking at making more very significant changes. I step into them with confidence. I look forward to our continued work together as you support me through those changes.


Working with you has helped me see more of myself. I always thought I had to do things “this way” or “that way” or I wasn’t doing it right. I was missing so much by not being open to all of me! Life is easier, more fulfilling and I’m getting more done with less effort. Thank you!


I cannot tell you how exhilarated I always feel after spending time with you.  I so appreciate your thoughtfulness, support and thought provoking questions.

Woman in the midst of major life change

You have been trained so well! You know exactly what to say and what to ask to help me feel and see areas to grow in my life. If is just incredible how you can open doors of thought for me!


I don’t know what I thought coaching would be, but it is much better than that! You are helping me look at the big picture and then it seems as if I am better able to handle the “things” in my life — the things that used to trip me up or I would get stuck on. I feel so much more confident. Thank you!


I want to say how much I have enjoyed our time together and how much it as begun to open my eyes to the many possibilities that are ahead of me.


Your insight into my situation at the time was dead on. You helped me to focus on a path that I am extremely satisfied and happy with. You're good at what you do and I really appreciate the help you provided.


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