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Parents: Navigating for Success

Help for families with children having learning disabilities

One on One Coaching

Partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires parents to maximize their parenting potential. Parenting inherently has many turning points, frustrations and joys. Coaching helps you find your best pathway along with answers to your stickiest questions.

Fearless Parenting Workshops:

Workshop 1: Fearless Parents / Confident Kids

This workshop equips parents with critical knowledge to lead their children through the maze of growing up with LD.

An interactive seven-month workshop, meeting once a month via tele-seminar, to build skills and confidence in creating the best pathway for your child with challenges.

Evidence based research shows children with challenges that can learn the following:


  • Awareness
  • Proactivity
  • Perseverance
  • Appropriate Goal Setting
  • Understand and Use Compensatory Strategies
  • Understand their Emotional Coping Strategies

Have a greater chance of success and satisfaction as adults. Join us to learn how to teach your children these skills.

You will receive:

  • Materials to learn about and prepare for interactive sessions.
  • 1 - One and a Half hour interactive group learning via tele-seminar.
  • 1 - 30 minute One on One Coaching session to discuss monthly topic and applicability to your family situation.
  • Fearless Parenting Experiential Exercises and Journal Questions.
  • Accountability Group to share wins and challenges.
  • Additional monthly study options to stretch your learning.

Workshop 2: Traps to Avoid & Success Principles To Adopt

Four one-hour sessions focused on the basics of parenting your child with challenges. Topics include Communication, Knowing your child’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Unique Talents and Passions. You will view your child and your parenting role in a new light after this workshop.

  • 4 — 1 Hour Tele-Seminars seminars.
  • Successful Parenting Experiential Exercises
  • Fearless Parenting Journal to record experiences, keep notes.
  • Optional follow up coaching session to address specific family needs.

Workshop 3: Resiliency: A Critical Skill for Parents to Understand

The world is full of relentless change, increasing expectations and a fast pace. How do we help our children boost their resilience and maintain their reserves? P.S. Some of this valuable seminar will rub off on you, too! During our time together we will introduce resiliency by talking about the seven factors that make up this critical quality and how to impart them in your family.


  • 7 — 1 Hour Tele-Seminars seminars.
  • Resiliency Knowledge
  • Resiliency Parenting Experiential Exercises
  • Resiliency Parenting Journal to record experiences, keep notes.
  • Optional follow up coaching session to address specific family needs.
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