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Living Well with Learning Disabilities

Posted on: August 20th, 2013 by Becky Scott

As fall approaches and the school bell once again gets ready to ring for our children, what do you think about as parents of children with learning dZA010237763isabilities? Most of us can put a decent list together of things that we must attend too, buff up and prepare ourselves for – especially parents who have kids with learning issues. But what comes up in your mind? New concerns, old concerns, a “Here We Go Again Feeling” perhaps?

What would it be to approach the new school year with out apprehension and concern for your children? Instead, hold high their list of strengths and believe in their capacity to handle the challenges that every new school year presents.

As parents, it is best for us to believe in our children. This is how they learn to believe in themselves. Without the critical parental factor of unspoken belief and trust to use their strengths, know their weaknesses and confidently scaffold them, our kids will be hampered.

So you see parents, you have some getting ready to do for school also. The upshot of you believing in your child is improved self-confidence.

What one thing could you do today that would let your child, for sure, without a doubt, know that you believe in him? Here are some easy examples. Pick one small thing off this list to implement on a daily basis:

  • Praise a daily chore
  • Encouragement instead of critique
  • Time together doing something non-academic. At the end note a personal quality about your child that you love.
  • Ask, “What was most important your day” instead of “How was your day?” Hint: When people search for an answer they pay more attention to the conversation!

What would it take for you to do one of these things everyday with your child?  Why not start that practice today…and do it every day.  It is simple way to have a profound impact.

Let the magic of a new school year start at home!

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