Perfect Fall?

Living Well with Learning Disabilities

Posted on: September 26th, 2013 by Becky Scott

ImageWhat a perfect changing leaf to herald the fall! I saw this on my walk in the woods this morning and was stunned by its color, pattern and early arrival on the floor of the forest. I snapped the picture. It was only when I got home did I see the hole. At first I saw a perfect leaf. What did I see now? I decided, in fact, the leaf is perfectly complete with the hole. Learning Disabilities can be viewed as a “Hole” or as part of a “Whole”, perfect picture, too.

What if you were brave enough, yes, that is what I said, BRAVE ENOUGH, to view the learning issues you and your child deal with as a part of the WHOLE, absolutely perfect picture of your child? What would be different? Would you be more excepting of the learning disability? Would you waste as much time lamenting and feeling cheated, that you or your child got a bum wrap in life? Would you more easily look past weakness and embrace the strengths that were present? What if you didn’t waste those precious moments worrying about what it could be like and what it should be like? What would you do with that time you are now wasting in worry? (Believe me it’s more time than you think.)

What would the emotional impact of focusing on the positive and leaning into strengths and passions do for your child and frankly, you? Positive psychology’s newest findings say we need to be happy FIRST and then we will find success. Boy that spins around the old “I’ll work hard to “make it” so I can be happy later” thought process. We have had it backward all these years!

There are proven ways to get rid of the fear, worry thus letting the brilliance of your child with learning disabilities truly shine. In doing so you will not put off the happiness we now know is critical for success. Reach out to learn about coaching and parent programs to help you see the beauty of the WHOLE instead of the HOLE in your life.

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