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Parents: Are you challenged with your child’s learning disability?


Parents experience a child’s learning disability in many different ways; personally, with their spouse and with their children. Experiencing all kinds of unanswered questions on a daily basis is both normal and unsettling. As an experienced coach and a parent I often hear things like:

Help for families with children having learning disabilities

  • How do I help my child live up to their full potential?
  • How do I teach self-esteem, self-confidence, motivation and resilience when there are so many other challenges just getting through the day?
  • How do I effectively advocate for my child and help them learn this critical skill at the same time?
  • How do I best support my child’s growth both in and outside the classroom?
  • Where do I focus my attention when there are so many pieces to a learning issue?

If you are living with any of these questions right now, coaching might be a good fit and welcome relief.

Becky Scott — Compassionate Certified LD Coach

I am a coach and a parent who has walked in your footsteps. I work with parents to help them create a unique parenting path for their family and their child with learning disabilities.

As a certified, professional coach I understand the nuances and challenges of dealing with:

  • Support providers
  • Teachers & Schools
  • Your child
  • Siblings and Spouse

I can offer a number of alternative strategies to deal with these various parties. I also know that success in the long run comes from knowledgeable, empathic parents leading the way with confidence and passing that confidence on to their children. Coaching can help you take this lead.

My typical parents are looking for…

My goal is to help you through these difficult times by passionately debunk learning issue myths and sharing skills that will shift your current perspectives. I will do this by helping you:

  • Understand your child’s strengths, supporting their weaknesses, building awareness of their special gifts and uncovering their passions.
  • Know what your child’s needs are and how to best support them.
  • Build effective communication with teachers, counselors and service providers to create an all important advocacy network. Including your child in this process teaches them how to advocate for themselves, too.
  • Incorporate parenting skills and concepts that are designed to help your child. These skills will have a positive effect on the other children in your household, too.

Being a great parent and doing a meaningful job of parenting is thoughtful and challenging work. It is even more challenging when a Learning Disability is present; yet, it has the potential to be the most rewarding work you will do in your entire lifetime.

Take a first step...I invite you to begin to learn about the wisdom of many parents who have gone before you.

If you would like to learn about a balanced, confident, joy filled parenting path for kids with LD, know there are probably a few things you will need to do differently. This process begins with YOU! Begin your exploration by subscribing to my newsletter to Get helpful Inspiration & Tips.

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