Lesson from a Golden Eagle

Living Well with Learning Disabilities

Posted on: June 26th, 2013 by Becky Scott

Keeping learning alive during the summer is a HOT topic with parents …Amp that up for parents of a child with learning disabilities! Parents are intent on keeping a young persons mind active during summer break. Taking life’s experiences, extracting the lessons and reusing them many places in your child’s life, is one way to nurture an active mind.

In the summer you can dip into so many experiences. Expose your children this summer to great activities and then have them relate these experiences to other parts of their life. When you take this extra step you create an awareness around  how learning can touch all of their life. As a life skill, this goes WAY beyond the classroom while having great impact in the classroom.

Here is an example. This weekend I hiked and played in nature seeing a golden eagle for the first time. This eagle was amazing! With a five-foot wingspan and golden head he truly was magnificent. Seeing him was experience enough but to tap into what he brought me was the real learning. Here is what I learned. He took several passes by us out over a cliff. He was majestic, confident, patient and sure while being present, attentive and non-reactive. He was so steady. I want to bring more of those qualities into my life. A great conversation with my family ensued.

Now the experience from the weekend informs the Monday morning task – or the paper for the classroom.  Asking what the lessons were…going for the deeper stuff is something kids are really good at. You will be surprised!

If kids can be present enough to break down the barriers between parts of their life, and have one inform the other, they will be able to carry their “life lesson” with them, like I carry the “calm confident, majestic, patient, and attentive” that the eagle taught me. Now THAT is the kind of summer lessons that I want to have and I want my child to have! This is especially important for kids with learning issues. Some parts of their life are hard and these lessons can be of great service getting through those times.

Be sure to ask about the deeper lesson from experiences you have. You will be glad you did as you will be rewarded with an active mind.

This is important stuff…let’s talk.

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