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Individuals: Are you challenged with a Learning Disability?


It takes first hand knowledge of supporting learning issues, professional training and a deep ability to listen to find answers for someone that experiences Learning Disabilities. As your coach, I will explore with you where you are now, help you identify what you want in the future and create steps to accomplish those things going forward.

Our Process Creates Confidence


  • Understand your strengths, scaffold your weaknesses, know your unique talents and nurture your passions.
  • Develop realistic goals and plans.
  • Explore compensatory strategies designed for you.
  • Explore how increased resiliency, self-advocacy and other skills could benefit you.

Remove Blocks that Create Challenges

Identifying obstacles or challenges that block progress and working through them is part of the process. Accountability is a key component of coaching. It is used to create progress on projects and goals. During coaching we will review your progress with obstacles and roadblocks in mind which allows for a realistic understanding of where you are, where you want to be and how you can best get there.

A New Vision for your Life

This powerful, purposeful, results oriented process will create a new vision for your life with progress toward being who you want to be and accomplishing what you want to accomplish.

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