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Living Well with Learning Disabilities

littlegirlThe dynamic between parents and kids is powerful. Used to its best advantage it moves mountains.  Kids with learning issues need their parents to be powerful, optimistic and compassionate. They need their parents to understand where they are challenged, to trouble shoot compensatory strategies and advocate in a big way for their child and their ability to succeed. One of the ways a child with a LD learns to thrive is by watching their parents handle the issue…so you better jump right in when it comes to the learning issue in your family!

AND I know it’s scary to jump right in…..

I am living my dream of helping parents of kids with learning issues. You see, I have traveled that road and know first hand, how scary it can be to “step into the fog” around raising your child in a world that likes to put people into boxes. “Focus on those strengths” I kept saying to my youngest son who had awful learning issues. AND “Know your weakness’s so they don’t get a hold of you and tear you down when you’re not looking” I would say. And you know, just as I do, that there is so much more… We deal with all of it at The Navigator’s Way.

I compassionately coach parents, young adults and individuals with learning disabilities to grab a hold of their dream by using their strengths, passions & unique talents to find out of the box answers to perplexing questions so that they are free enough to create a successful and fulfilling life. Come on over to The Navigator’s and see how you can get started tackling your challenges with learning issues.

Let’s talk. This is important stuff. I can’t wait to hear from you!