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An Individual or Family with a

Learning Disability needs:

  • Understand Strengths, Scaffold Weaknesses, Build on Unique Talents and Nurture Passions of the individual with Learning Differences.
  • Blend your knowledge of your family with our experience, to find answers that are a good fit for YOU and the situation.
  • Consider your whole family when looking for solutions: YOU, your spouse and your children.
  • Address YOUR concerns, trepidation and frustration: we have been in your shoes.


At The Navigator’s Way you will find Learning Disability strategies for personal growth and development suited to your circumstances. We are your resource to help kids with learning disabilities, to find advice on transition to college or the working world for young adults with learning issues, and to give much needed support for parents of children with learning disabilities.

Perhaps you are experiencing a new and confusing diagnosis or tackling a manifestation of an old learning disability related challenge.  At The Navigator’s Way your questions will be answered while you lean into the experienced assistance you have been looking for.

Explore our site. Take advantage of our offerings. Check back often. We look forward to YOU reaching out for a conversation to understand the peace of mind coaching will bring to the way you handle the learning disability in your family!

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